A Lightbulb Lament (Jim Cover)

“In A Lightbulb’s Lament, Wamack gives us a flickering and awkward hero in Mr. Watts-a man with a lightbulb for a head-as he stumbles his way through The Great Blackout in search of The Creator. Along the way he fights with Gutter Bitches, runs from Telemarketers, and struggles to keep himself and his friends alive. Wamack has a relentless, incandescent imagination that takes surprising turns.”
-Mel Bosworth, author of Freight

“I’ve never read anything quite like Wamack’s A Lightbulb’s Lament. It has the right combination of weirdness, comedy, violence, and existentialism. A uniquely fun read.”
-Jordan Krall, author of False Magic Kingdom

“Watching Wamack glow for a number of years now, and the Lightbulb book more than fulfills that promise. A disarmingly naïve treasure trove of ideas and words; mixing the freshness of truly brilliant SF, Horror visions with an aura of traditional European literary Absurdism.” -D.F. Lewis author of Nemonymous Night

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“Notes from the Guts of a Hippo is a great introduction to a name in weird fiction that is rising fast. Grant Wamack has written a novella that has twists, turns and a fun premise that supplies not only laughs but adventure in a unique way”-Dustin LaValley, author of Lowlife Underdogs

“A fast-paced tale of getting jammed up a hippo’s dunghole and discovering a whole new world in there, while being chased by elderly lunatics and evil IRS agents. Yeah, like there is any other kind of IRS agents, right? Also, cactus monkeys”-MP Johnson, author of The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone

“I recommend this book. You don’t have to hype something that is really, in factually good”-Kris Saknuessemm, author of The Humble Assessment

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Or you can buy signed copies directly from me here:

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