The Hum of the WorldMicrohorror

Coldness Overwhelming-Microhorror

Scenes of Creation-Polluto 2


Hand in HandFlashes in the Dark

Down UnderEveryday Fiction

And the Flies Will FollowTales of the Zombie War

Seeds of SorrowEveryday Weirdness

JoyrideFlash Fiction Offensive

Life is Golden-Weaponizer

Fingertips-Every Tree Has a Face

Cone Zero-Nemonymous 8:Cone Zero

HaystacksOarystis, The City of Desires

Sweet Nothings– Micro 100

Alleyway SymphonyAssassins Mashup Project(AMP).

A Million Ways to Attack Someone in the Dead of Night(Pillowtalk)-Furniture Fangs#1

Half and Half-Towers Literary Magazine

Loose Threads(poem)-Anomalous Appetites


The Primal KindWeirdyear

Black Static,How Lovely the Sound-The New Flesh

Papadopilis-Bizarro Fiction! Journal of Experimental Fiction 37

Inspector 9-Bizarro Fiction! Journal of Experimental Fiction 37


Every Last LightFlashes in the Dark

Parallel Universe-Dispatch 3.2*

Die,Baby,Die!-The New Flesh

Fruitful LaborTrembles Magazine

Sweet HeartsKizuna:Fiction for Japan(charity anthology)


Fat Blunts and Slutty WomenThe Mustache Factor


A Searing PainSurreal Grotesque #5


Notes from the Guts of a Hippo (Novella)Bizarro Pulp Publishing

Time to ShineBest of Surreal Grotesque (antho)

A Searing PainBest of Surreal Grotesque (antho)

The Time of the MonthThe Mustache Factor 


A Lightbulb’s Lament (Novella)- Bizarro Pulp Publishing

The Perfect Fit –

Junkyard Exotic (Poetry Collection)-Black Dharma Press

A Bloody Affair – Entropy*


Night of the Ratchets-Destroy All Robots

Paradise Falls (55 short stories 55 words each)-555 Vol. 1: None So Worthy

Quartz Mania! – The Strange Edge Magazine: Issue 0

4 Poems Drowned in Lean – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

#finalpoem – Entropy Magazine


A Home-Cooked Meal – Dark Moon Digest #23


Homesick – More Bizarro Than Bizarro (forthcoming)

Black Gypsies (Novel) – Broken River Books




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