End of Summer Daze

self portrait steezI can’t believe summer is over.  Scratch that, my first summer in Spain is over. It’s starting to rain more which is a sign autumn has arrived, but I’m hyped for Halloween.

Pulling all nighters, getting lost, trips to la playa, burning out from said partying, facial comparisons to Chris Brown, waking up with sand in my sheets, mingling with spanish breezies underneath the moon, being mistaken as french, writing…and more writing=summer

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my hardcore horror project God’s Leftovers and sketching in the meantime. Peep this self portrait on the right. Also, don’t forget my running art blog–Art Spazm.

I managed to get a pretty good handle on driving stick shift so you can find me whipping my Spanish beater all over Spain. Her name is Jade just in case you wanted to know. She’s a sweet thang.

snapping photos navyHere’s a random shot of me taking photos at work from a 70 ft. rappelling tower. Almost forgot to tell the blogs that I finally was pinned to 2nd class petty officer earlier this summer. Still waiting on that increase in mula though.

I’ve been studying a lot of Saul Williams’ performances to prepare myself for some new videos of my own showcasing some of my poetry. I’ve trying to bring that potency to the scene.

So expect some new music, new videos, new writing popping up on the interwebs and bloggage.

Goodbye summer…you’ve been good to me babe.


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Swallowed (Book Review)

swallowedI’ve always dug Dustin LaValley‘s fiction so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed his newest book Swallowed: A Hypersexual Romance. Now this is a bit of a departure for LaValley since he usually writes horror and weird fiction, but he brings his talents to the erotic genre in spades.

Our main character David is trying to get over a rough break-up and drowns himself in pussy. So we follow David as he fucks a multitude of women everywhere from the car to the library. One woman in particular manages to wiggle his way into his heart and he thinks about possibly pursuing a relationship.

In between the sexual encounters are flashes of crime fiction and you have to wonder where is this leading. Will he win back his ex? Will he get jacked up by an angry husband or will he and the girl at the library get together and live happily ever after?

I won’t ruin in it, but the ending comes from left field and will leave you reeling. I thought I knew what was going on, but realized this is LaValley we’re dealing with. The sexual descriptions never get boring and as the narrative progresses I found myself ripping through the pages.

Swallowed isn’t your typical erotica novella. It’s so much more than that. LaValley takes the romantic genre, flips it on its head and injects it with shots of crime fiction and thriller elements. Pick this up if you’re looking for something sexy, intelligent and raw.

Buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Swallowed-Hypersexual-Romance-Dustin-LaValley-ebook/dp/B00MOLZA3A



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The Evolution of A Cover or Quite Possibly A Lightbulb

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I figured I’d unveil some behind-the-scene workings of the cover art for my last book release A Lightbulb’s Lament.

Last year the ever talented writer and cover artist Mike Kleine worked on the original cover. It started out like this and I loved how much my name stood out, haha.


We went back forth on it a bit, then it evolved into this beauty.


It was simple and stark. I loved it. However, the whole Hanner/Spectular Productions crisis happened and the book was never released. Thankfully, I got my rights back. (That’s right kids, think twice before signing a book contract).

Bizarro Pulp Press came in and scooped up my novella and we got to work on the cover. Pat Douglas tossed together a quick cover just to get a feel for the book.

a lightlub's lament cover

Not many people know I can draw so I put together a cover and Brandon Duncan did the colors and design. It turned out lovely.


I tried to get a few other artists to whip up a cover, but things didn’t work out. However, I ended up getting Jim Agpalza to do the cover and it turned out great.

A Lightbulb Lament (Jim Cover)

Now you’re probably wondering if the words inside are just as good as the cover. Well the answer is a resounding yes! So go buy my book, sonny.

Click this link to buy it: http://www.amazon.com/A-Lightbulbs-Lament-Grant-Wamack-ebook/dp/B00KUB5GW6

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Cleaning Out the Junk

A fifth of BruenI just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that Black Dharma an imprint of Dynatox Ministries will be publishing a collection my poetry, prose, and lyrics titled JUNKYARD EXOTIC. I’m mad hyped since I’ve only had a couple of poems published in my lifetime.

These poems are raw and hip-hop oriented and some of them were taken straight out of my book of rhymes. I can’t wait to see what people think. In the meantime, I’m trying to get some cover art together and I’m finishing up a hardcore horror project called God’s Leftovers.

Also, don’t forget to check out my art blog Art Spazm. I posted some new stuff and expect more material in general. We’re making moves bruh bruh.


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Gory Hole: A Horror Triple Bill (Book Review)

gory holeThis is my first introduction to Craig Wallwork‘s fiction and honestly the beautiful cover along with praise from Gabino Iglesias, Richard Thomas, and others compelled me purchase this a few weeks ago.

Gory Hole is comprised of three short stories: Revenge of the Zombie Pussy Eaters, Human Tenderloin, and Sicko. The first story involves a group of guys who take a trip down to the gay bars to see if they can pick up some girls, but all they find are lesbians and zombies. It’s a fun, nasty tale that had me laughing and staring in awe at some of Wallwork’s descriptions.

The second story “Human Tenderloin” revolves around a group of cannibals who frequently meet up for exquisitely prepared feasts. Things take a turn for the worst, but the dark comedy keeps the story from getting too gruesome.

The final story “Sicko” is the longest and probably my favorite out of the trio. It’s about a group of guys who get lost in the woods, but decide to spend the night at this fishy lodge. Wallwork pumps up the tension and just when you think you know what’s about to go down, he hits you with a plot twist that knocks you off your feet. Seriously though, I was impressed by the suspense, little surprises, and natural flow of dialogue.

After finishing the book in one sitting, I sat there staring out the window wanting more. Gory Hole is a fun, gory collection of fiction from a guy who knows how to spin a helluva yarn. Wallwork is great at balancing black humor with over-the-top violence and smart prose. I could easily see someone like Sam Raimi turning Sicko into a great popcorn flick.

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Three Reads and Ish

dope reads

The ever talented Jamie Grefe invited me to recommend three dope books. Check it out here or the link below.


Also, Pedro Proenca said some really kind words about my most recent book A Lightbulb’s Lament.

“Of the books I’ve read of late, this one is the one that made the biggest impact on me, and I strongly recommend it to everyone.”


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New Podcast Interview

surreal sermonsCheck out the new Surreal Sermons podcast episode 4 aka The Bizarro Pulp Press edition hosted by Jeremy Maddux. The first half features Shane Cartledge discussing his new book Day of the Milkman and the second half features myself talking about my new book, rapping and my experiences in the Navy.

You can listen to it here or the link below.


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