Three Reads and Ish

dope reads

The ever talented Jamie Grefe invited me to recommend three dope books. Check it out here or the link below.

Also, Pedro Proenca said some really kind words about my most recent book A Lightbulb’s Lament.

“Of the books I’ve read of late, this one is the one that made the biggest impact on me, and I strongly recommend it to everyone.”


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New Podcast Interview

surreal sermonsCheck out the new Surreal Sermons podcast episode 4 aka The Bizarro Pulp Press edition hosted by Jeremy Maddux. The first half features Shane Cartledge discussing his new book Day of the Milkman and the second half features myself talking about my new book, rapping and my experiences in the Navy.

You can listen to it here or the link below.

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Lightbulb Book Trailer and Guest Bloggage

First off, check out the book trailer for A Lightbulb’s Lament made by the talented Amber Lee.


You can buy the book on Amazon here or you can scoop up a special autographed edition directly from me here.

Second, check out this non-fiction piece I wrote for Vincenzo Bilof’s blog. I talk about depression, magick and the origins of my second book A Lightbulb’s Lament. You can check it out here or click the link below.


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A Lightbulb’s Lament Now Available

Lightbulb's Lament Full Cover WrapMy second book A Lightbulb’s Lament published by Bizarro Pulp Press is now available on Amazon. I wrote this baby back in college, but it’s had a rough time finding the right home. It’s finally out though and I’m hyped.

Think of it as Salad Fingers meets The Wizard of Oz.

The kindle version is only 3 bucks. That’s mad cheap. You can buy it here.

Paperback version should be out in a day or two.




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Cover Reveal & Limited Time Sale

A Lightbulb Lament (Jim Cover)Here’s the cover to my next book A Lightbulb’s Lament. Coming soon from Bizarro Pulp Press. Artwork by Jim Agpalza.

Also, my first book Notes from the Guts of a Hippo is on sale for $0.99. That’s mad cheap. So if you’ve been on the fence about my book or you have a dollar burning through your pocket, you might as well buy this.

“…the straightforward storytelling, bits of humor, and the sense of adventure that comes from the narrative make Notes From the Guts of a Hippo a read that can be enjoyed by readers regardless of their preferred genre,”-Gabino Iglesias, author of Gutmouth

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Guns (Book Review)

guns_cover_Stark shadows.

Watercolor blood splatter.

Ink washed background.

A silhouetted figure in the center of chaos.

That’s the beautiful cover adorning the crime fiction novel Guns by Josh Myers and published by Copeland Valley. It’s a terse story about a man named Organ. He flies planes and he’s an efficient hitman.

The meat of the novel consists of a bunch of quirky characters who are trying to pull off a kidnapping job and things don’t go exactly as planned. Ego gets in the way as well as past beefs and the narrative becomes bloody and tense.

Chapters are short and the prose is bare bones. I’m talking one sentence paragraphs—a steady beat that propels the story forward. Sidenote: I devoured this baby in two days.

Lovely black and white pulpy illustrations by Justin T. Coons are interspersed throughout the novel helping certain scenes pop a little bit more.

If Jim Thompson and Frank Miller shared a bottle of whiskey and cranked out a novel on a weekend it would be something akin to Guns. Word on the street, Myers is working on some more crime fiction novels set in this dark gritty universe and I’ll be one of the first people in line to cop them.

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Last week the talented Kirk Jones asked me to participate in a blog tour and answer some questions related to writing. It works like this….I answer four questions and tag three other writers who’ll answer the same questions on their blogs next week. I asked Michael Allen Rose, Christoph Paul, and Michael Kazepis to keep this train going into oblivion. Read my responses after the bios below.

michael allen rose

Michael Allen Rose is an author, musician, and performance artist based in Chicago, IL. He wrote the books Party Wolves in My Skull (Eraserhead Press) and Declension (Dynatox Ministries), along with numerous short pieces appearing here and there. He makes industrial and experimental music under the name Flood Damage. He likes cats better than people. He likes letting pretty ladies burn things while he’s reading them. He likes liking things.


christoph 1

Christoph Paul is an award-winning author of 5 books that cross different genres: humor, poetry, satire, bizarro, horror and non-fiction. He plays rock music in band Moses Moses but wishes he could be a gangsta rapper. He loves The Miami Dolphins, Thai Food, and wearing Crocs (they are comfortable haters). His next book that isn’t lame will be “Tits From Hell”.


michael kazepis

Michael Kazepis was born in Greece. His first novel, LONG LOST DOG OF IT, is out now from Broken River Books.




Here are my responses to the questions tossed my way.

1.) What am I working on?

I’m in the process of finishing up the final edits for my second book A Lightbulb’s Lament which is being published by Bizarro Pulp Press very soon. It revolves around a gentleman with a lightbulb for a head trying to find his way in a dark post apocalyptic world. Besides that, the main focus is the crime fiction novella/novel (I’m not sure how long it’s going to be) I’m working on called Black Gypsies. It’s about two black kids on the southside of Chicago who strip cars and sell the parts for cash. Of course they strip the wrong person’s car and all hell breaks loose.

2.)How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m known for bizarro, but I’m trying to flex my writing muscles this year and show people I’m capable of more than that. I bring an urban flavor to the table. I’ve noticed there aren’t a lot of black writers penning crime fiction let alone weird fiction so I want to help fill that gap. I have a lot of family that lives on the west and southside of Chicago so I have a lot of memories to draw from and I feel cities like Chicago and Detroit are ripe for mining some solid crime fiction.

3.) Why do I write what I do?

I’ve always been a little weird and stuck in my head and I need creative outlets or I start to get agitated. So in a way it’s cathartic. For example, I wrote A Lightbulb’s Lament in college when I was super fucking depressed. I thought if I could bring some light to this fictional universe it would do the same for my world. Urban mystic steez.

4.) How does my writing process work?

I’m still trying to figure that ish out, haha. I’m one of those guys that prefers to work at night, but I try to get writing done anytime I can. I give myself a reasonable deadline, set a word count quota for everyday and bang out the first draft. It’s usually ends up becoming a skeletal draft so the next couple drafts are spent fleshing it out. Then I send it to a few people I trust to give it extra eyes and opinions. I get it back, juice that baby up and send her off into the world. Rinse and repeat.

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